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We are Quartile Health Care TheFuture & Sustainability

Quartile Healthcare [Private] Limited has a sustainable and promising future given its strategic business relationship with the medical manufacturers and distributors both local and international companies. Quartile Healthcare is in the process of building innovative and creative medical contracts with various medical delivery stakeholders including to play an active role in smart affordable healthcare programs.


To provide innovative and environmentally friendly quality products, sustainably grow and keep our employees happy and at the same time maximising shareholder value.


To be the progressive leading distributor of healthcare solutions in the community we serve


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Who We Are

Quartile Healthcare is a wholly Zimbabwean owned private limited company registered under the companies act chapter 24:03 as a broad-based medical procurement and distributionentity. Our product portfolio includes medical devices, laboratory equipment, consumables, general medical and surgical supplies.


Quartile Healthcare is a wholly Zimbabwean medical procurement and distribution company that is fully compliant with the country’s indigenization policy framework.

Quartile Healthcare [Private] Limited has a proven track record of delivering on its mandate and obligations having been at the fore of medical procurement and distribution since 2019.

Quartile Healthcare [Private] Limited has vast medical resources in partnership with  manufactures and distributors across the globe.

Quartile Healthcare [Private] Limited target market is the bottom of the period that is traditionally marginalised and left out of the main stream market activities including the informal sectors. They have been co-opted through long tenure sales model that are flexible and adaptable to specific circumstances and also easy on the pocket.

Payments for the projects are insured against any eventualities including the unavoidable death and unfortunate incidence of incapacities arising from work injuries resulting in disabilities.

Quartile Healthcare [Private] Limited plans to deliver innovative and affordable healthcare in Zimbabwe. However, its contracting unit has capacity to deliver more on behalf of other manufacturers and distributors across the globe.

Quartile Healthcare [Private] Limited has a strong work ethic of transparency, corporate governance and accountability guided by integrity and honesty underpinned by robust financial management and accounting control procedures guided by internationally accepted accounting practices. Client funds are held in Trust through relationships with the reputable financial institutions.

Meet Our Team

Quartile Healthcare [Private] Limited team is dedicated, innovative, adaptable and rearing to go and is keen on timely projects close out.


  1. Availability of the base resource: a rich variety of medical laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables, pharmaceuticals and general medical and surgical-disposable equipment and other equanimities.
  2. Availability of financing options.
  3. Strategic synergistic technical co-operations.
  4. Desire and patriotic dedication to deliver.


  1. Inadequate contractor capacity
  2. Outdated building code
  3. Private sector bias towards high cost healthcare investment


  1. Enabling government medical procurement and distribution programmes and policies.
  2. Available funding through strategic partnership with financial institutions.
    The insatiable demand for healthcare.
  3. Abundant population through the whole country in need of healthcare.
    Opportunity to replicate the model in the region and beyond


  1. The proliferation of poorly planned procurement and distribution policies.
  2. Government economic policies on the foreign trade market.
  3. Slow government action on illegal medical procurement and distributors.